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Do you to want to Live in Japan, Study Japanese and Experience the Japanese Culture? Then you came to the right place! We at GOGAKU strive to make it as easy as possible for you to Study in Japan. Best of all, our services are completely FREE.

Why Gogaku

We will help you find the perfect Japanese Language School in order to Live and Study in Japan, Experience the Culture and help you achieve your goals. 

Free and Flexible Services

Our services to help you Study in Japan are FREE, Comprehensive and Flexible. All tuition related payments are made to the schools directly!


GOGAKU was founded by former Japanese Language Students. Having experienced all the hurdles one might encounter as a foreign student in Japan, We provide you with objective advise based our experiences and designed a simple process to help Live and Study in Japan.

Streamlined Process

We developed a streamlined process to help you Study in Japan by simply filling out an application. While we work for you for FREE, you can enjoy your time planing your new life in Japan. 


Our partners are hand picked after a rigorous screening process. We make sure that we work with partners who excel at their jobs in order to provide you with the best chances possible for succeeding and achieving your dreams!


Based in Tokyo, Japan. Thanks to our location, we are able to build a vast network of partners to serve your needs. You can also be assured that you are not alone before and after you come to Study in Japan. 

Gogaku Services

We provide you with a range of services to help you Study in Japan and Live in the Land of the Rising Sun!

Japanese Language Institute

Finding the perfect Japanese Language Institute to help you Study in Japan and achieve your goals!


Finding the right accommodation based on your preferences, budget and paying market rates instead of foreigner's rate!


Mobile Phone service, Home Internet service, Utilities can all be setup on your behalf so you are ready to settle down from day one!

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