General Questions

How much does GOGAKU services cost

All of our services are completely FREE for the students. 

Why should i use your services

Moving and settling in Japan is a rewarding but complicated endeavor, studying in Japan is even more complicated, time consuming and error prone.

We make the process of settling in Japan as easy as filling out an application, we make sure you find a Japanese Language Institution that will help you achieve your goals, that you do not end up paying more than a Japanese locals for accommodation as many foreigners do.

In essence, we give you the benefits of years of experience living in Japan as Foreign Students so that you do not make the same mistakes we made and it is all FREE.

Do i need a Student Visa

A Student Visa is not required if you are taking a Short term class that last less than your allowed Tourist Visa Period or if you already live in Japan under another type of visa (Work visa, Spouse or Dependent visa, Business visa etc.)

A Student Visa is required if you wish to study Long Term and be able to sign contracts in Japan (Apartment, Utilities, Bank account and so on) . A Student Visa will also allow you to work Part-time and earn an income.

What is the process for enrolling

Choose a school 

Choosing the right school is a daunting, time consuming task and for the novice, a nearly impossible one. We understand that everyone is different and has different goals for learning Japanese. We make sure you choose the school that best serves your needs and help you achieve your goals. 

Apply for your chosen school

Once you have a chosen a school we will be able to apply for enrollment. Thanks to our experience and our application process, we make sure you include all of the relevant information that gets looked at in order to increase your chances of being accepted and receiving your Certificate of Eligibility.

Receive your Certificate of Eligibility

The Certificate of Eligibility is issued by the Ministry of Justice and is mandatory before applying for a Student Visa. Once you receive it, you will be able to apply for a Student Visa at your local Japanese Consulate.

Choose your accommodation

This is a complementary service if you wish for us to help you find a place to stay. Finding an accommodation in Japan is no walk in the park, even more so for foreigners. The paperwork is complicated and the process is cumbersome. Thanks to our chosen partners, we can help you find accommodation based on your requirements and there are no hidden fees.


Do you offer a Job Placement services

We do not offer any job placement services at the moment. We can however provide you with information of where to look for a part time job if you wish to do so. Most students are able to easily find a part time job.

Student Visa

What is a Certificate Of Eligibility

A detailed description can be found at the Immigration Bureau of Japan website here.

Simply stated the Certificate of Eligibility is a document issued before the Student Visa is issued by your local Japanese Consulate. The goal of the Certificate of Eligibility is to simplify and make the immigration inspection procedures more efficient.

A Certificate of Eligibility will be sent to you about 1 Month before the school term starts. Once you receive it, you will be able to request a Student Visa at your local Japanese Consulate.

How long in advance should i apply

There are 4 semesters in Japan: January, April, July and October.

In order to make sure you receive your Student Visa in time for the start of your chosen semester, please submit your request 4 months in advance.

Will my Student Visa request be approved

Of course we cannot guarantee this since it is up to the Japanese Immigration Authorities.  However, thanks to our experience and application process, there is no room for costly mistakes.

How long can i live in Japan with a Student Visa

You can study in a Japanese Language Institute with a Student Visa for up to 2 years. 

You may change your Student Visa to another visa status 'ex: if you get married, start a full time job, enter college or a technical school etc' before or after that period.

Can i work with a Student Visa

Yes, a Student Visa holder can work Part-time for up to 28 hours a week with a special working permission. This income can help with your living expenses while you are studying in Japan, it is also a great opportunity to practice your newly acquired Japanese skills. 

Is there an age limit for Student Visa

There are no written rules in regards to age.


What level of Japanese do i need

Courses are available from Beginner to Advanced level.

What type of course(s) should i take

The type of Japanese Language Institute and Courses you attend should be based on your objective(s) for learning Japanese. Through our partners, we have a wide range of courses to choose from and we will recommend the most appropriate path to achieving your goals. 


How many hours a day will i study

Most schools offer classes that last 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday. 



I heard/read that XXX is the best School. Is that true?

There is no such thing as the best school. You should be looking for a school that will best suits your specific needs. It is paramount that you have clear objective(s)  and choose a school that will help you achieve said objectives. 

Does the school's office staff speak my language

We believe that while you are in Japan, is it best to speak as much Japanese as you can. However, most of the Japanese Language Institutes that we work with have office staff that can communicate in foreign languages.

Can i transfer to another Japanese Language Institute

In general, transfer between schools is not permitted. On a case by case and depending on the circumstances of the students it may be allowed but certain conditions must be fullfiled.

This is why it is very important that you choose a school that will help you achieve your objectives, otherwise you risk being stuck with a school that does not suit your needs.

What are the available payment methods

Payment methods available depend on the chosen school.  Bank transfer and Flywire are widely accepted methods of payments.


What type of accomodation can you arrange

  • Sharehouse
  • Apartment
  • School Dormitary  (Depends on school)
  • Homestay  (Depends on school)

What type of accommodation is best for me

We can really only answer this question honestly after we know more about you and your requirements, please contact us for a personnalized advice.


Where can i find details of each accommodation

Please visit our Accommodation page for detailed information.

When can i reserve my accommodation

Reservation can be made 1 month in advance of the moving date.

Do i have to buy furniture

It depends on the type of accommodation chosen. When not included in your chosen accommodation, furniture can be rented, bought new or second hand. 

Can i move out before the end of my contract

Yes it is possible to move out before the contract ends. Be advised that depending on your contract, you will have certain obligations and conditions that may apply. The Moving out and Cancelation clauses of your contract should be stricly followed. 

What are the available payment methods

Bank Transfers is the preferred method of payment.

Depending on the type of accommodation and the landlord, one or more of the following methods may be available.

  • Domestic bank transfers.
  • International bank transfers.
  • Credit Card.
  • Paypal.
  • Cash payment.

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